“God makes, and apparel shapes”. Davis goal is to help you shape the world around with the professional services it provides. In order to achieve this, we offer:

  • cut & make with fabrics, labels and trimmings delivered by the customer;
  • cut, make & trims with shell fabrics and brand labels delivered by the customer, and trims sourced in Bulgaria;
  • fabric and trim sourcing & purchasing such as linings, interlinings (fusible and non-fusible), shoulder pads and rolls, buttons, threads, hangers, polybags and similar;
  • factory selection & production management from start to finish;
  • factory price & capacity negotiation;
  • pattern-making & design services;
  • monitoring of delivery schedules & deadlines;
  • quality assurance - garment review and assessment;
  • supply chain management incl. translation of all correspondence and documentation involved: from the import of fabrics and trimmings to the export and delivery of the ready-made garments, translation of all technical documentation for the factories, as well as customs and freight requirements.

Because each client comes to us with a very unique set of requirements, Davis is flexible enough to offer tailor-made solutions. That is why we encourage you to contact us for additional information.